'Rassling Abroad

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New Zealand Sports Digest, August 1956, Page 62

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’Baslirlg Abroad AUSTRALIA: Bath Al Mills, the Canadian powerhouse of 17st. 12lh., and Chief Big Heart, an Usage Indian from Oklahoma, were disquali- fied at Sydney Stadium for continual braw- linu. The boys carried on after the referee’s edict, and when stadium manager Harry Miller tried to restore peace, Mills hit him on the head, knocked him down and ruptured his eardrum “I will recommend to my directors that we do not use Mills any more," said Miller. However, Herb McHugh manager over. at Leichhardt (also controlled by Stadiums Ltd.), who had Mills booked for a couple of nights later, said: “I didn’t feel the blow, from Mills, so naturally the bout goes on.’ U.S.A. Former world heavyweight noxinn chamo- ion, Joe Louis stumbled his way to a “win" over Charm Aztec. Louis is learn- ing the growls and urimacES of the trade ‘ from “Nature Boy" Rogers, but it‘s poor to see the old Brown Bomber reduced to this. Yukon Eric Holmback downed Joe Blanchard in 4min. 42sec. and Jaun Hum- berto in 3min. 585ec. on the same night. Antonino Rocca beat old-timer Emil Dusek in straioht falls.