The Colourful Names of America's Mat Freaks

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New Zealand Sports Digest, February 1963, Pages 52-53

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Page, 52 NZ. SPORTS DIGEST *3 The AMElllCAN wreslling roundabout: mifsltogregfizsg-gflwslkovg whose name, is a parody on thal of lhe 'L . ,,_ _ m y— i Lee has no trouble hoisfin ' ' , g this husk - heevywelght, who by theme); seemse little ,aShamed of being up, there}: » SURELYthey must soon H Bf freaks now performing in run out Are In circulation: Brummd, SWeet Bestia, El ' 0 among the tag tea-my Hill-Billies. ‘ ' , , 5" My, _ _ NZ SPORTS DIGEST ‘ I Page 53 at wrestlers have cottoned ueh ring handles as Fuzzy om Thumb, Brown Panther, Low (a parody jthe f Sky-Hi Lee, who IS a Gil: Bin 1‘). 1 men aren’t Withogt imagina— h 22‘ Their ranks Include the Sweet Georgia Brown, The Moolah, The Lady Angel vxrl midgets Darling Dagmar Cheryl. , , boys are even still , antipathles, the drawn “Villaine” including Emc LyKarl van Hess and ever eat Togo. We haven’t tracec 113% Hitlers or Herman: 7 e . , , a: dam in 51.3. 0 V' ZEALANEEER Abe ’JaooIie Smash hit in the Southbn’df’r Beanbag IZlustmted: and mi News. “Recently 7A1)“ p-xvitli old favourite George me source also reveals that New Zealanders, Jacob: and rld champion Pat O’Connor, Wellmg'tonians, imet each bout at Raleigh North 7won by OlConno .a o,_ whorl Pet was . ‘ ' g alorge in tiny Raetihi and s a boy back on his native, ,, washed Chatham, Islands, vyas ngjall starry-eyed to wresthng (gas from New Zealand._ could - ’ave foreseen that the clay ome when, both no big- ternational wrestling L916?- ’ they would wrestle each m an American rmg? , EGAig moat popula ' wrestler, , or a naeionuafi e readers’ myeé» by; Wrestlmg Revue Ls Wilbur Szxyiier, who more vanes than» any omen: an _ Wilhur, who plays the role 9 clean—out, ail~Ameriean boy, meme graduate of the of Idol'- - , , _ - about wrestling popularity, notmg' that Ema recent pro, San Francisco’s spacxeus a , . 17,175 90. 19 watched Ra V beatj‘Bobg grazil. ‘ And 1%; Gore’s “Kid Audlgorimlo, Eggs en‘s, way ‘ mug 7 u y N WA. world title defence ch fie drew with John Paul mg», leis: best “gimmick” ending: he tag bout at Indianapohs ‘ Johnny; Barend “and {The fieent [Maumce on the one ”Side; and Dick _“The Bruiser” Afflis and Angie Polio on She other, the seconds of 0th ”teams charged into the ring am; began slaughterr each other While the four nan-es ere Sat back _ and enjoyed the “impromptu” Show. The official bout was declared ‘fno contes“ but we have no mformation on who won the unofiicial one! , If - o ' _ a , BEST of the ,Australian Greek , wrestlers; Coetas (Con) Papalazarou Ls: doing wellm the Us; He receptly beat Karl van Hess on'a Madison, Square Garden, 19111. , . , a ’ a PA O’CONNO fiendedhie claim- to the {Amerrc hamion’shm" by beating Duke-:Keomuka: at St LOUIS, Ma, Don-r Green at‘Cfiarlotte. N. Car, How Kiwi Abe J " Raleigh, *' N. Cara, and-farmer, we: champion / Lou Thesz (disqualified) at Memphis, Tenn. , , , t. "0' '_eg_ - "RECENT NgWA. world title de? glelenees by championBuddy Rogers Included win over negro Dory Dixon, Slmhei Balsa-and Billy Darnell. draws With“ John Paul , Planning and “Crusher” Lisowski. ' ‘ o v .p a 2“SEVERAL other wrestlers use the sleeper hold and one or two claim to nVented it,” says‘the magazme, g Illustrated & Wrestlmg N ems-3, ’30 “but, everyone is satisfied thathand~ some Frame Gagne has first claim on adaptmg it for'modern wrestling. . It iseaidto have some out of the Paelfie during World War II.” 'Whicih, of Course. ie 13914913: afig- ment of the‘magazme’s imagination. ac men like Paul Boesch, as‘ therIndlan, and others 13', the slee er hold in New ' . ht: - ,egne Gagne ever ’ pressure ag e , g the neck, amt} the extent , , oflfpf the blood _ to the brain, 'a blackout~ II; Unarmed combat instructors knew all’ebout it well before that, : ._ 9 g _ {3 , Old«€ime great JimmyLonclos, one ”Golden Greek”. ,is'fioedecl with ofrers to referee bouts all over the world” “Jeemy” admits: to, 63 years of age, but authentic record books makehim just 66—he was born Chris Theophelo on a farm near Mycenae, Greece, on January 2, 1897. No matter, he etill looks fit enough to whip many of the younger _men cavorting about the place; - Londos estimates that he I grossed more than 10,000,000 dollare during a careerrwhich saw him ,hold‘ the World title, or a versiOn of it? no , less than“ three. times; ,