Live Pro Wrestling - Ngaio

Promotion: New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling (NZWPW)

Location: Ngaio Town Hall, Ngaio, Wellington, Wellington

Date: 03/06/2017

Attendance: 50

Nick Silver def. Butler
James Shaw def. Kartik
Deliah def. Just Plain Evil
Axl & Bryant def. Oliver Griffin & Alex Savage
NZWPW Heavyweight Champion Chad Howard def. Charlie Roberts & Brodie Coast
Charlie Roberts def. Paul Sayers, Rufguts Roddy Gunn, Jay Marshal, Cam Owens The 3rd, Shane Sinclair, Oliver Griffin, Delilah, Skull Kid, Butler, Osiris, James Shaw, Brodie Coast, Kartik, Axl & Bryant in a An Interpromotional Over The Top Rumble Match

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