Currently in development, Kayfabia is a platform designed specifically for the professional wrestling industry. Think LinkedIn meets IMDB with a dash of Facebook and Wikipedia. The goals of Kayfabia are two-fold:

Preserving the past

The first goal of Kayfabia is to provide tools to aid in the recording and storage of all forms of information pertaining to professional wrestling. By streamlining the process of recording, collating and searching this information we will ensure that the history of professional wrestling is preserved for future generations.

Promoting the future

The second goal of The Sell Network is to provide a comprehensive suite of marketing tools for those involved in the professional wrestling industry. Wrestlers, Promoters and anyone involved in the wrestling industry will be able to use the Kayfabia platform to promote themselves and their product to the masses.


We've started by building tools and features for Professional Wrestlers. Currently wrestlers can register on the site, claim their profile and load up results, upcoming matches and title histories. We're working on making this aspect better before moving on to opening up the site to fans and promoters.