Date Promotion Details
18/05/2018 NZWPW PWE Northland Champion Bryant def. Jay Marshal
30/03/2018 NZWPW Cam Owens The 3rd def. Kartik, Hayden Thiele, Jade Priest, Charlie Roberts, Sam Black, Daniel Martins, Falcon Kid, Spencer Kyle, Jay Marshal, Axl & NoFace for the NZWPW He Toa Cup in a Royal Rumble Match
17/03/2018 NZWPW Jay Marshal def. Robbo "The Aussie Dreamboat" Smith & Bogan Jesus in a Hair/Mask/Beard Match
14/10/2017 NZWPW Jay Marshal def. Cam Owens The 3rd
14/10/2017 NZWPW Jay Marshal def. Heavyweight Champion Chad Howard (DQ)
14/10/2017 NZWPW Jay Marshal & Paul Sayers def. Chad Howard & Cam Owens The 3rd
19/08/2017 APW Big Gun Jesse Harris def. Jay Marshal
03/06/2017 NZWPW Charlie Roberts def. Paul Sayers, Rufguts Roddy Gunn, Jay Marshal, Cam Owens The 3rd, Shane Sinclair, Oliver Griffin, Delilah, Skull Kid, Butler, Osiris, James Shaw, Brodie Coast, Kartik, Axl & Bryant in a An Interpromotional Over The Top Rumble Match
25/03/2017 NZWPW Axl def. Jay Marshal