Date Promotion Details
25/08/2018 AP Reece Breeg & Bogan Jesus def. Jitters & Umlaut
18/08/2018 NZWPW Bryant & Tykade def. Umlaut & Jitters in a Number 1 Contender's Match
19/07/2018 NZWPW Bryant & Tykade def. Sam Black & Jay Marshal in a Tag Tournament Quarter-Final Match
18/05/2018 NZWPW PWE Northland Champion Bryant def. Jay Marshal
30/03/2018 NZWPW Cam Owens The 3rd def. Kartik, Hayden Thiele, Jade Priest, Charlie Roberts, Sam Black, Daniel Martins, Falcon Kid, Spencer Kyle, Jay Marshal, Axl & NoFace for the NZWPW He Toa Cup in a Royal Rumble Match
17/03/2018 NZWPW Jay Marshal def. Robbo "The Aussie Dreamboat" Smith & Bogan Jesus in a Hair/Mask/Beard Match
14/10/2017 NZWPW Jay Marshal def. Cam Owens The 3rd
14/10/2017 NZWPW Jay Marshal def. Heavyweight Champion Chad Howard (DQ)
14/10/2017 NZWPW Jay Marshal & Paul Sayers def. Chad Howard & Cam Owens The 3rd
19/08/2017 APW Big Gun Jesse Harris def. Jay Marshal